Racor S2502 (025 Series) Filter Cartridge

Part Number: S2502
Made By: Parker Racor
Secondary or Final Fuel Filter Element
Fuel Prefilters and Strainers – Racor 025 Series

The Racor line of compact, heavy-duty prefilters and strainers install quickly and help protect engines and extend filtration system life by removing solid contaminants and free water from diesel fuel and gasoline.

S2502 – 10 Micron secondary replacement cartridge used in the Racor 025 Series. For even better protection, use the S2501 – 250 Micron Racor In-Line Fuel Prefilter as the first stage in keeping your fuel clean. Dirt and grime in fuel can spell disaster.

The S2502 secondary or final Racor filter used in conjunction with the S2501 prefilter offers superior protection.

Typical Mobile Applications:

  • Any Small Engine
  • ATV (4-wheelers)
  • Small Gensets
  • Small Tractors

Product Features:

Used in 025-RAC-01 and 025-RAC-02 units

  • 1/4″-18 NPTF Ports
  • 15 GPH (57 LPH) with Diesel
  • 25 GPH (95 LPH) with Gasoline
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Spin-On Servicing
  • Proprietary Aquabloc®II media



Diesel, Gasoline


Aquabloc "10 micron"


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