Racor R12PUL UL Spin-on Element

Part Number: R12PUL
Made By: Parker Racor
UL Spin-on Element
Marine Replacement Cartridge Filter Elements – Racor Marine Spin-on Series

Racor R12P UL replacement spin on fuel filter element (30 Micron) used in the 120RMAM Series – UL Listed series filter assemblies.

Spin-on Series replacement elements are compatible with Racor’s line of Spin-on Series fuel filter / water separator assemblies. The elements exhibit exceptional removal efficiency of both bulk and emulsified water, low restriction of fuel flow, and high dirt-holding capacity. Their unique design makes them capable of performing in modern diesel and gasoline engine applications, where high-pressure conditions can cause tiny particles of dirt and water to score and erode precision components, leading to engine damage and increased downtime.

The filter body is protected with a durable electrostatically-applied powder coating for superior corrosion resistance. The spin-on filter design is simple to service and features a reusable clear engineering plastic or metal contaminant collection bowl with a self-venting drain for draining out collected contaminants and water.

All Racor Spin-on Series replacement filter elements utilize Racor’s high-efficiency Aquabloc® engineered media. Aquabloc® is a blend of high-grade cellulose compounded with resins and a special chemical treatment. It incorporates pleat-spacing corrugations and a graduated pore structure to increase dirt-holding capacity and extend filter life. The media is waterproof and rustproof, capturing contaminants while the specially treated surface separates and coalesces water from the fuel, which causes the water to gather into large droplets that then fall into the fuel filter’s collection bowl.

Aquabloc® elements repel water and remove solid contaminants from fuel at 98% efficiency of their micron rating. To meet the unique requirements of customers’ engines, three different micron ratings are available for purchase, including:

See also Racor R12T – 10 micron (98%@10 micron) – Captures more contaminants than 30 micron elements, and is more effective at stopping water. Extends the life of the entire fuel system.

See also Racor R12S – “2” micron (98%@4 microns) – Provides maximum water removal and filtration and is capable of protecting all modern injection systems, while greatly extending the life of difficult-to-service on-engine filters.

Dimensions 6.1 cm
Flow Direction

Inside Out

Micron Rating

98% @ 30 Micron

UL Certification



M18 x 1.5 (2.4" Male Bottom Threads)



Element Type

30 Micron Aquabloc® Spin-on

Diameter (OD)

3.0 in / 7.6 cm

Product Range

Marine Diesel Spin-on Fuel Filter/Water Separator

Product Series



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