Racor R11T Fuel Filter Element (10 Micron)

  • Fits Racor 100 Series (Cartridge)
  • 10 micron
  • 57 lph (15 gph) Diesel – 132 lph (35 gph) Petrol
  • Includes replacement seals

Parker Racor R11T Aquabloc 10 micron filter element for Racor 110A filter assemblies. Can be used instead of R11S and R11P. Complete with O rings & seals.

The Racor 110A Series is a compact two-piece, all aluminium fuel filter water separator assembly with a cartridge-type filter element that is ideal for use in gasoline/petrol and diesel engines equipped with high-pressure injection systems. It can be installed on the vacuum or pressure side of a fuel pump (up to 100 psi /6.9 bar) with a maximum flow rate of 15 gph (57 lph) for diesel fuel and 35 gph (132 lpm) for gasoline/petrol.



Filter Housings


Diesel / Gasoline

Flow Rate

57 Diesel / 132 Petrol L/hour (15 Diesel / 35 Gasoline Gal/hour)


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