Racor LG100 Tank Vent Filter

Article number: LG100
Manufacturer: Parker Racor
Fuel/Air separator
Fuel Vent Line – Racor Lifeguard Series

Racor LG100 Fuel/Air Separator efficiently separates air from fuel in the tank breather line during refueling. As the air is vented, fuel is returned to the tank using a two-stage process. The Racor Lifeguard LG100 Fuel/Air Separator can be used for diesel and petrol fuels.

A typical boat refueling often causes fuel to spill overboard. Fuel spillage is not only expensive; it’s absolutely deadly to fragile lakes, rivers and waterways. Also, in the United States, USCG and other regulations prohibit the discharge of oils into water ways and violators could face civil and criminal penalties. The Lifeguard LG100 Fuel/Air Separator from Racor is designed to be installed using your existing fuel tank and vent hose.

The LG100 Unit includes standard 5/8 inch male hose barbs, hose clamps and instructions.

  • Application: Petrol/Gasoline or Diesel
  • Flow Rate: 17 CFM (air flow)
  • Port Size: 16mm ( 5/8″)
  • Drain: No
  • Dimensions: 250mm ht x 100mm dia ( 9 7/8″Ht x 4″Dia,)


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