Racor AFCS431 Air Cleaner

Part Number: AFCS431
Made By: Parker Racor
ECO AF EA Series Air Filter Assemblies
Cartridge Engine Air Filters – Racor ECO, AF, and EA Series

Racor Air Filters continue working in the harshest of climates around the globe. Pre-cleaner models will remove water and snow from the air stream, whilst all models utilise Racor’s water repellent media, preventing the elements from becoming saturated and blocked with ice, whilst keeping the air stream clean and dry.
When your engine is operating in adverse conditions such as off-road, in the desert, at sea or even on the local road, it needs clean, dry air. Racor’s range of engine air filters offer the highest degree of filtration and longevity available, with pre-cleaners capable of removing in excess of 85% of dirt prior to reaching the filter element.
Available in various configurations that allow for safe and simplified maintenance in any application. Contact Car-In Automotive in Germany for more information.

Dimensions 94.7 cm

Mobile and stationary gas and diesel engines (Heavy Dust)





Diameter (OD)

18.4 in / 46.7 cm

Element Type

Primary Air and Safety Filters


Engine Air

Flow Range

1235 to 1517 cfm (35.0 to 43.0 m3/m)


No Connection


Coated Steel

Max Flow Rate

1600 cfm (45 m3/m)

Mount Clamps



Horizontal or Vertical


6.0 in / 15.2 cm

Output Power

450 HP (336 KW) HP


Dynamic Vane

Product Range

Cartridge Air (AFCS)


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