Racor 2040TLOR Turbine Element-10 Micron

Part Number: 2040TL-OR
Made By: Parker Racor
Turbine Element-10 Micron High Performance
Replacement Cartridge Filter Element for Turbine Series Filters – Racor

Racor Turbine Series Fuel Filter/Water Separators have exceptional water removing efficiency for both free and emulsified water, low restriction of fuel flow and high dirt-holding capacity. The heart of the system is the three coalescing and filtration stages powered by the patented Aquabloc® filter element.

Filtration Stages:

  • Stage 1 Separation: As fuel enters the filter assembly, it moves through the (stationary) turbine centrifuge and spins off large solids and water droplets which fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.
  • Stage 2 Coalescing: Small water droplets bead-up on the surface of the conical baffle and cartridge element. When heavy enough, they fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.
  • Stage 3 Filtration: Proprietary Aquabloc® cartridge elements repel water and remove solid contaminants from fuel at 98% efficiency of their micron rating. Water collecting on the surface of the element coalesces into larger drops that fall into the collection bowl.

Features and Benefits:

  • An integrated bail handle makes changing easy.
  • Aquabloc® media is a blend of high-grade cellulose compounded with resins and special chemical treatment.
  • Genuine Racor Turbine Series elements are compatible with UL Approved Turbine Housings
  • Racor’s toll-free number is shown on the end cap answer any availability, application, or service question.
Dimensions 11.7 cm


Micron Rating

98% @ 10 Micron

Product Style

Tan potted end caps


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