Racor 2020N30 Fuel Cartridge 30 Micron

Part Number: 2020N-30
Made By: Parker Racor
Fuel Element Cartridge 30 Micron 2020
Replacement Filter Element for Turbine Series Filters – Racor

Racor 1000 turbine fuel filter and water separator filter element rated at 98% efficiency at 30 microns with black molded end caps.

Diesel engine injector tolerances are measured in microns and the latest engines inject fuel at pressures over 30,000 psi (207 kPa). Under these conditions the smallest particle of dirt or water can score and erode precision components, leading to damage to engines, operations and profitability.

Racor Turbine Series FF/WS have exceptional water removing efficiency for both bulk and emulsified water, low restriction of fuel flow and high dirt-holding capacity. The heart of the system is the three coalescing and filtration stages powered by the patented Aquabloc® filter element.

Stage 1 Separation:
As fuel enters the filter assembly, it moves through the (stationary) turbine centrifuge and spins off large solids and water droplets which fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.

Stage 2 Coalescing:
Small water droplets bead-up on the surface of the conical baffle and cartridge element. When heavy enough, they fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.

Stage 3 Filtration:
Proprietary Aquabloc® cartridge elements repel water and remove solid contaminants from fuel at 98% efficiency of their micron rating. Water collecting on the surface of the element coalesces into larger drops that fall into the collection bowl.

Only genuine Racor cartridge filter elements feature Aquabloc® Engineered Media for ultimate engine protection.

Ordering Options:
1. Choose housing type: 500, 900, or 1000 series housings. (Choose height first if the housing type is not known)

2. Choose Micron Rating:

3. Choose height if housing type is not known.

4. Choose end cap style. Black molded endcap style is available for the U.S. market. The tan potted style is available everywhere else. Both styles have identical filtration performance.

Important Notes:

  • A secondary or final filter is required downstream for 10 and 30 micron elements.
  • Replacement seals included
  • The lower the micron rating the finer the filtration. Lower micron ratings should be considered when there is no additional downstream filtration. Ultimately, the micron rating preferred will be a function of fuel quality, operating climates and maintenance schedules.
  • End caps are color-coded for easy identification and application – red lettering for 30 micron primary filtration, blue lettering for 10 micron primary or secondary, and brown lettering for 2 micron secondary/final filtration.

Features and Benefits:

  • An integral bail handle makes change-outs easy.
  • Racor’s toll-free number is shown on the end cap. It puts you in touch with Racor’s technical service staff who can answer any availability, application, or service question.
  • Aquabloc® media is a blend of high-grade cellulose compounded with resins and a special chemical treatment.
  • Genuine Racor Turbine Series are compatible with UL Approved Turbine Housings

Aquabloc® – The Inside Story:
Racor’s ultra-high-efficiency Aquabloc® media is an engineered blend of distinct media formulations – high-grade cellulose compounded with engineered fibers and chemical treatments proven to block water.

  • High contaminant capacity allows less frequent filter changes, boosting operating economy.
  • Aquabloc® media is both corrugated and pleated to keep pleats open and present a large effective filtration surface area to the diesel fuel flow.
  • The high dirt-holding capacity Aquabloc® media dramatically extends the life of final-stage on-engine filters, and reduces the overall cost of filtration maintenance.
  • Aquabloc® cartridge filter elements are available in 2, 10, and 30 micron ratings so that protection can be tailored to the application, fuel quality, operating environments and service schedules.
  • Aquabloc® media helps OEMs diesel engines adhere to rigid government emission standards.
    • A fuel filter/water separator with replaceable cartridge element is the lowest-cost filtration solution.

• All diesel engines with a Turbine Series filtration system
• Marine, generator, construction, on highway, off highway.

Note: 2020 and 2040 SM, TM, and PM elements ordered in North or South America may be substituted with the U.S. manufactured 2020N or 2040N style black endcap elements. Both element styles use the exact same Aquabloc® media and their filtration performance is exactly alike.

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 24.4 cm

Diesel Engines



Diameter (OD)

4.68 in / 11.9 cm


Diesel / B20


Aquabloc "30 micron"

Micron Rating

98% @ 30 Micron

Product Range

Turbine (Cartridge FF/WS)

Product Style

Black molded endcaps


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